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Category:French films Category:French comedy films Category:2010s comedy films Category:Films directed by Raphaël Assante Category:Films set in ParisQ: Why didn't the Council of Menelaus have women? After receiving the news that his wife, Helen of Troy, has been captured by Paris of Troy, King Menelaus of Sparta, along with his allies, the King of Thessaly and the King of Pylos, set sail to Troy to win Helen's hand. On their way to the siege of Troy, on the way to the battle, Menelaus, alongside other prominent personalities, pass by the Council of Menelaus, where people of all ages and sexes attend. However, out of all the people present there, only men attend the Council of Menelaus (Source: Wikipedia). Why would the Council of Menelaus have only men when there are women in the army of Menelaus and his allies? If anything, the Council of Menelaus would have been more important as it would have included the people of the Spartans, who only allowed their women to enter the army if they have male soldiers (Source: Wikipedia). A: Women would have been excluded from the Council of Menelaus because the Council would have been a deliberative body for war. Menelaus decided on the course of action to take: to sail to Troy to be with Helen. They have a reasonable basis to do so: the Trojan War is in its fourth year and Trojans are besieging the Greek forces in a fortified city. Thus, in order to attack the city they need to concentrate their forces, so they could be more effective. Women would be excluded because they would not be trusted as neutral parties to the men's deliberations. Petitioners who are not involved in the war are excluded from the war-decision process. The Spartans at least trusted the women: Some of the women can be seen in the background of the picture as they cheer the men. (Aelian, On Historical Miscellany) Aelian: Spartan women were allowed to take part in Spartan warfare, and were even occasionally permitted to accompany the hoplites. Some of the women can be seen in the background of the picture as they cheer the men.




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Ultimul Tango La Paris Online Subtitrat

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